Lesson Plan #2

Type of Lesson:  English/ Literature and Creative Writing

Grade Level:  4-5

Lesson Objective:  Students will become active critical thinkers and understand what it would be like to be alive during the Civil War.


The  Root Cellar by Janet Lunn (A time travel book). 

Objectives:  The student will be able to: 

1. Imagine life in another time.

2. Define historical fiction and identify some of the techniques writers use to create good historical fiction.

3. Using real facts and dates, create their own time-travel story.

4. Present their story orally for the class.


1. The students will read the required book in 1 week, jotting down questions and important data.

2. We will discuss:

A. Feelings and emotions of the main character, Rose.

B. How would the student feel if he/she were Rose?

C. Historical fiction as a tool for learning about history.

3. Students will write a three or four page short time travel story of their own pertaining to the Civil War, and will include as many real places and dates as possible.

Lesson Closure:   Students will understand the differences between today, and the Civil War era, and what it would mean to be a child at this time.

Students will be evaluated on creativity, proper citing of dates and places, and presentation of story.