Introduction to Mixalia Enterprises

Mixalia, LLC is a Small Business Administration (SBA) - certified Contractor, founded and structured to serve the construction needs of Federal, State, Board of Education, Municipal, and Local Government agencies, as well as the private industry, with special intents in General Construction. Mixalia has the ability to perform with its own forces individual trades, as follows: structural concrete, masonry, roofing, carpentry, painting, (EIFS) exterior insulation finish systems, and traditional hard coat stucco systems. Mixalia currently maintains offices in Long Branch, New Jersey and has the bonding capacity to meet most contractual requirements.

As a company concerned with delivering a product that will meet the highest standards of quality in the construction industry, Mixalia subscribes to the Total Quality (TQM) style of construction management, which holds as its basic function to: (1) provide the best quality product, while; (2) developing and implementing programs within the company for management and labor participation in the contrsuction process in a way that serves to increase employee productivity and pride in their work while decreasing costs. Savings incurred are ultimately passed to the customer in the form of "Value Engineering" concepts, suggestions, designs, and construction techniques. By incorporating this type of management into corporate philosophy, Mixalia takes every opportunity presented to comply with the contract specifications and meet or "beat" the prescribed schedule, at the same time providing the customer with quality products and services. The construction and remediation products and services provided by Mixalia are at all times designed and constructed in a manner that meet with Federal, State, and Local regulations and individual contracts.

Construction is supervised with the utmost in professionalism and attention, and implemented in an efficient and cost effective manner. All construction methods and work procedures are designed to meet OSHA requirements for the provision of a safe workplace.